Friday, July 11, 2014

Nothing but Top QualityTurf - Society - Environment

In our blogs, we have covered quite a few topics about synthetic grass but Green Planet Grass is here because we strongly believe in the quality that we put under your feet. We put the same quality under our own feet too.

Founding director, Justin, was working in Dubai when he came across the best artificial lawn he had ever seen.

Having built a home in Perth several years ago, Justin had looked at synthetic grass for his garden but didn't find a product that he was comfortable with in the Western Australian marketplace at the time. Thoughts about synthetic lawn were parked in the harsh WA climate but an altogether different product presented itself in the even harsher environment of the Middle East.

"We weren't actively looking for synthetic grass but the hot desert climate in Dubai means that synthetic grass was just starting to become more popular over there. When we saw the quality of some of the products available, we looked into the possibility of getting something similar for our home back in Australia."

Thorough research revealed that there was a wide range of manufacturers across the globe producing a diverse assortment of artificial grass products. Having looked at synthetic grass producers from across America and Asia, Justin found that some of the best synthetic turf was being produced in Australia. He was quite sure that the Australian-made turf would fit in well at his home back in Perth and it hadn't escaped his attention that many other Western Australians would like top quality turf for their lawns too.

"It was great to learn that some of the best synthetic grass on the planet was being made in Australia. The notion of using synthetic grass at home had always appealed to me because I like to relax and enjoy my weekends rather than spending hours maintaining a lawn," Justin says. "I think a lot of Australians work hard to earn a living and want to enjoy their spare time rather than working hard even on weekends too. Luckily, we found an Australian company that solves that dilemma."

And so Justin and his business partners went about setting up Green Planet Grass to provide WA homeowners with a reliable service to supply and install top quality synthetic lawns.

"Of course Australians generally like to buy Australian-made products but I should stress that we would never supply a product without being completely comfortable that we would install it in our own back yards," Justin says. "Our manufacturer really does make some of the best artificial turf available anywhere, and that's something we discovered from extensive research.

"It is imperative for us to know that the product we supply and install will endure the test of time without deteriorating, we know it is completely non-toxic so it's safe for kids and pets and the colour won't fade for many, many years."

Like many, the people behind Green Planet Grass weren't always synthetic grass converts but they have established themselves as WA's synthetic grass specialists since 2008 due to an unerring dedication to quality.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Types of Fake Grass: Good and Bad - Home - Landscaping

As with any product, there are numerous variations of fake grass to choose from, and while there aren't really "good" and "bad" types, there are variations that are better or worse for your particular needs and usage. You should research your options before choosing a type to install. Some types of artificial grass are best left for sports fields, while others are ideal for your backyard. Let's look at some of the more popular choices and what they offer. Rye SpeciesMade typically of nylon, these products offer a much tighter look than others. They also have a more random appearance, which makes them more natural-looking. These variations are ideal for families with pets or children, and perfect for installation in a sloped area. If you have children who love to play in the yard, a rye variation of synthetic grass is a great choice. Disadvantage: Due to its moderate price tag, popularity, and easy installation, there aren't many disadvantages to speak of, except maybe that you probably won't be the first in your neighbourhood to install it. Monofilament Synthetic TurfThis grass is uniform in width and height, with blades that are thinner than other types. Ideal for backyard installation, monofilament turf resembles rye and requires less processing than most fibrillated grasses. Cost is generally similar to other common types of turf. Disadvantage: Special tools, installation techniques and base rock preparation will be needed for proper installation of this material. Fibrillated or Slit Film TurfThese generally have wide filament blades that need special processing to break them into smaller blades. An artificial lawn made with one of these products will resemble blue grass or fescue. It is also among the least expensive variations to purchase initially. However, the added processing cost must be taken into account. Disadvantage: Because of the additional processing that is necessary, it is not a great choice for first-time buyers. In additio n, the cost of installation is generally higher than with other types. Fescue GrassThis is a broad category of fake grass, with many varieties to consider when choosing a lawn. You will find many choices in height, colour and weight. Because of the many options, this is a popular landscaping choice, for both home and business owners. With fescue, it's important that you purchase as much quality as your budget allows. Disadvantage: The many choices make it easy to choose an inferior product if you're not careful and simply choose the cheapest product. Deep discounts on fescue artificial grass usually equate to a product of poor quality. Augustine GrassAugustine grass is famous due to its distinctive appearance. Popular with homeowners, it has wider blades, giving it a unique and natural look. It can also have a very soft feel, depending on the blade composition. Augustine synthetic grass is great for both low- and high-traffic areas. Disadvantage: Augustine fake grass is a gr eat choice, however, if you prefer a heavier and more stable feeling turf, this may not be right for you. Augustine is one of the lightest products available. Knit-de-knit Synthetic TurfThe basic definition of Knit-de-knit is a variation of yarn texturing where crimped yarn is produced by knitting yarn into fabric and heat-setting that fabric. The yarn will then be removed from this fabric, leaving it permanently crimped. A KDK lawn material will have a nylon thatch layer to support a monofilament fake turf. An artificial lawn made with KDK fake grass is durable and has a heavy weight to it. Installation cost is relatively low. Disadvantage: The only drawback is cost. Knit-de-knit turf is one of the most expensive. The choice ultimately comes down to your needs and preferences. By exploring your options, you can settle on a product that not only looks great, but offers extensive functionality.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Artificial Grass London Services from Lazy Lawn - Business

Lazy Lawn has come to be known as a premier artificial lawn brand and the company has been in the forefront supplying and installing artificial grass in Europe and UK over the past 25 years. The company has been taking its services notch higher year after year and has been successful in carving a niche for itself in the artificial lawn arena. The company has served many leading business properties and also scores of homes with its lawn grasses. Whether it is pool sides or corporate areas, or display grasses or patio grasses the company has only the best to offer its clients, as it claims so.

Artificial lawn is available in the form of wonder yarn, Lazy turf, Lazy summer, Lazy grass and Lazy Supreme V2. All these lawns are super dense and available in dynamic colors that give the ultimate natural look. If you are unable to pay the entire amount in one single go, then you may use the easy payment options available at Lazy Lawn which is also totally interest free. The online store has a range that is suitable for each and every customer and hence can cater to the diverse needs of the varied customer base.

For getting an idea as to how the artificial lawn will look after the installation at your place, you may take a look at the pictures of artificial lawn installation that are available on the website. Or perhaps, you may take a look at the pictures to decide on a specific pattern for your place. The picture collection is so vast that you may also make out the difference that exists before and after installation. With this kind of difference being shown to you so clearly, it becomes very easy for you to decide as to what and where you would want the artificial grass installation.

Roof as well as patio garden pictures will give you an insight into what could be done on the roof tops. There is no need for you to spend money on getting the right growing conditions established on the roofs if you have to grow some lawn over there. With the help of the artificial lawn, you can definitely be able to get the same feel as well as appearance and still spend very less when compared to the former. The roof gardens are found to be in great demand where the roofs are used predominantly by public and for commercial activities. The company claims to take a very professional approach towards installing the roof gardens and patio gardens. The online company has been involved with a wide range of government projects, council and commercial projects too. Request for a quote with all the relevant details to get a free estimate as to how much your project would cost.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Turf consultancy can help you to lay the perfect turf - Sports - Football

There are several turf consultancy and you could contact them to get land at wholesale prices. But you must realize that these vendors will not make your job easier. They can at best provide high quality pitch maintenance. Turf consultancy can help you with the installation of turf, for which you have to hire expensive professional help. You have to get a turf consultancy to get perfect Sportsturf Training. Hiring a turf consultancy for sports fields can give several benefits which provider will be able to provide. A turf consultancy can study sports fields and make suggestions as to what type of grass is the best. They will give you several options from which you can select the one of the best that suits your budget. It is very important to select and hire the right turf consultancy for succesful pitch maintenance. These consultants often have professional members on staff, who have the expertise in installing the turf in the field of sports. The professional working with them is experts in this field. They will also provide useful suggestions about how you can take care of the lawn in the long term. By hiring the services of a consultant sports turf designer, you get the assurance that if something goes wrong with the turf, the consultant will not let you down. Pitch maintenance is very important to give a long life for Sportsturf training and the turf consultancy provides it also.

The maintenance is also taken up the turf consultancy.

Turf consultancy will provide support services for a small fee, and restore its field back to the ideal condition. .A complete range of sand fill, sand and rubber filled, semi-filled with sand, water-based carpets are available which is suitable for hockey, soccer, tennis, bowls, cricket and multisport. Polypropylene and nylon yarns with various different properties and characteristics of play are used to manufacture carpets. The synthetic surface, artificial grass or astro turf for the foundations consists of geotextiles, base layers and subgrade shockpads engineering and will give tone strength, stability, porosity, longevity and endurance. Surface synthetic, artificial grass or astro turf will incur low costs of conventional turf / grass. Shock pads can minimize the risk of injury and spread much less stress on players, coaches and officials. Synthetic surfaces can be designed to maximize the number of activities you can play with them or to be used very specifically fo r a single sport. The construction method can be on dynamic basis engineering graduate of clean stone sub. This is also supported by strong geotextile separator preventing the infiltration of fines in the sub-base which can lead to distortion level. Multi-sport synthetic surfaces individually designed and built to emulate as closely as possible in a very natural grass surface, while the high standards required for safe and successful sport in the 21st century.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Interior Decoration with Synthetic Turf - Home - Landscaping

Real flowers or plants are useful for their inherent natural properties. They help in producing oxygen and also add beauty to the area where they are being displayed. In fact, real grass can act on both aesthetic as well as biological levels. However, nurturing real plants and real grass requires great deal of time and effort, especially when they are used indoors. Exuding this much effort can be difficult for people who have a busy lifestyle. This dilemma, however, can be solved using synthetic turf.

Today, synthetic turf comes in several different shapes, designs and sizes to suit the requirements and interiors of one's home or office. It is one of the simplest ways to add colour and a natural appearance to your interior surroundings, which is why synthetic turfs have become popular in homes, hotels, offices, and even small cafes and shops.

A synthetic turf can be used just as carpets or rugs are, on your living room or office floor. With good quality fake grass, you can create a natural atmosphere right inside your room. If you use a synthetic grass rug in the office, this can help create a relaxed atmosphere for employees, which can boost their performance and productivity.

The possibilities of using synthetic turf for interiors are limitless. For example, long and thin silk-like grass can be used on the cabinet or coffee table to give it a unique touch. It can also be used in collaboration with artificial floral themes to form a beautiful centrepiece in the dining table. A synthetic turf is also a great addition if you have an indoor fountain in your house or office building. By placing adequate synthetic turf along the region of the fountain, you can give it a more natural look and brighten up its surroundings. Other places where you can use synthetic turf include the terrace and the hallway. In other words, you can use artificial grass in many ways to spruce up the interiors of your home or office and add your own unique, creative edge.

By decorating your house or office with synthetic grass, you can incorporate a small piece of nature in your indoor space. It also makes for a unique, original interior design concept. If you feel an indoor turf would pose maintenance difficulties, remember that synthetic grass is very easy to clean and maintain, and always gives a natural look.

For many houses, buildings, or offices, a natural grass turf would only be limited to the outdoors. With synthetic turf, you can now enhance the appearance of the interiors as well. Synthetic grass is more commonly used for the purpose of beautifying the exterior landscape. In fact, its main purpose is to make a lawn look lush and green throughout the year even when the climate is unfavourable for real grass. However, an increasing number of synthetic grass manufacturers and suppliers are offering their services for interior design purposes as well.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our team can install synthetic grass backyard putting greens and also artificial sports fields - Sports

If you love the appearance as well as feel of a real turf landscaping but detest all the work, allow us to explain to you the very best looking synthetic grass available on the market. Not only will we let you know how you can save precious time mowing and weeding and seeding every planting season, but we will show you how you can have a backyard putting green that is virtually maintenance free too. Now you've probably witnessed some phony turf within your area, yet let us get something straight. The artificial lawn of today is nothing like the inflexible, vinyl looking faux things of a long time ago.

synthetic grass today is made of brand new fibers created by scientists who know how to make them soft to the touch. And those same fibers are strong enough to stand up on their own when you add a little silica sand as infill. Our experienced staff can create the perfect design for your front lawn so it fits perfectly into your landscape plan. If you're building a new home, it will be easy to lay synthetic grass in your front yard and put an artificial backyard putting green in at the same time.

If you're a giant golf enthusiast and also want to be able to strengthen your scores, a golf green in your own backyard is the very best idea you could actually have. Just practising your putts every evening is the only way you will end up being certain to sink all of them when your foursome is on the actual course. After all, just about any pro will tell you that it's your short game you need to be concerned about any time it comes to winning on the course.

Having a backyard putting green that is made of natural bent turf would be a great deal of work. But when we install one manufactured of synthetic grass, you simply blow the leaves off and rinse it off with your garden hose and you're all set to practice once again.

You will find that several educational institutions these days tend to be opting for artificial sports fields because of the simplicity of upkeep. As an alternative of having to keep the real thing still living, artificial sports fields save lots of dollars when it comes to maintaining them. Furthermore, you'll notice that a lot of pro squads tend to be switching to artificial sports fields not only for convenience but to conserve water and money at the same time.

No matter what your current synthetic grass needs could be, our experienced team can help make your dreams come true. Whether you want a completely new environment for your current front and back yards or you're searching to replace the sports field at your grade school, high school or college, we can look after all of your current grass needs for you. If you have a plan in mind, we can easily comply with your plan. If you'd choose to have our team draw up a design for you to evaluate, we can accomplish that as well. No matter what your needs tend to be, we will be happy to do the job with you to give you the perfect yard or field. Simply phone us and we'll send somebody over to consult with you anytime.

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Allow us to set up your artificial grass as well as backyard putting green - Sports

When you are planning a serious lanscaping your yard endeavor, be sure you plan it so the style and building enhance all of your house. You will also be considering the time it will require to look after your new landscape design. If you reside in a wasteland area where water shortages really are a actuality or else you work lots of hours and also have very little time for backyard routine maintenance, you might like to consider going with a water smart landscaping plan that includes artificial grass and even a synthetic backyard putting green.

Should you already have a garden and patio that match the style of your home, we are able to merely substitute your real grass along with artificial grass so you get your weekends back to devote to your family instead mowing the lawn. If you aren't knowledgeable about synthetic turf and all of it's positive aspects, you could be amazed at just how very little time it requires to keep up it.

For instance, as opposed to weeding and seeding as well as exchanging turf where the community puppies have transformed it dark brown, you can just rinse down your artificial grass using a hose and in a couple of minutes you will be done. And if you happen to be a golf enthusiast, you won't need to travel to the country golf club or golf green if we install a backyard putting green created from synthetic turf for you. You are able to practice your short game right at home and train your kids a way to golf putt together. If you want to become a far better chipper, we are able to put in a synthetic turf chipping mat to suit your needs also.

You may well be astonished to learn what number of pro golf players have greens at their house to allow them to practice the shots that make them winners. After all, no matter how good your golf swing is or how far it is possible to strike the ball if you cannot sink those close up shots into the hole. No one wins a event being near! You must sink those putts and the best way it can be done is usually to train as frequently as you can. Having the ability to rehearse your short putts directly in your own yard when you would like will certainly most definitely cause you to be a much better player and better putter for sure.

Remember, landscaping can easily add value to your home by creating charm. But rather than finding cash for shrubbery and trees which might be commonly reasonably priced but take time to maintain, why not consider spending that money on artificial grass and an artificial backyard putting green as an alternative? For those who grow trees and shrubs, they should be clipped. Roses and even a veggie backyard garden will require time out of your routine you could be spending with the family. However gaining better landscape style using artificial grass along with a golfing green where you can spend more time with all your family members directly in your own yard might be a a lot better choice to suit your needs. You will save money, save water, and most importantly save time on landscape maintenance so you can devote that most essential time with the ones you adore carrying out things that are entertaining.

We would also like to thank and the Secure Independence team for their hard work and support in helping us achieve affordable seo services.

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